About Us

Muralidhar Reddy 

[B Arch, M Des IDC IIT Bombay]

Murali is the main trouble shooter and a passionate 'maker' who dared to dream of Design Circle as a 'slow' studio that makes products that are 'built to last'. He is the visionary industrial designer, architect and educator who wears multiple hats as Director of CMR University School of Architecture as well as live up to his aspiration of running a unique design studio which addresses a sustainable practice.


Ritu Sonalika

[B Arch, M Des IDC IIT Bombay]

Ritu is the patient problem solver and strategist with two decades of experience as architect, industrial designer and educator. She is the critical thinker who drives the conceptual processes in the studio. She designs experiences for and with children, working with products / furniture /  / concepts / service / workshops. Along with, Murali they are constantly looking for varied opportunities where the studio can make a sustained difference.